The best phenomenon that promised a better future for mankind is how the internet developed and expanded in the last two decades jumping ship from personal computers to laptops, and now right to our smartphones and tablets? We are at the junction where everybody, anybody and even those who claim to be somebody, are all online. The World Wide Web is the way to go to approach anything and everything in life. From business, personals, commerce, education, news, entertainment and also porn is sought and harbored on the internet.

More than 12 % of the internet is of an adult nature and these websites often gain more visitors than Netflix and amazon prime combined. Thus it is easy to say and comprehend that adult pages are a very lucrative and a highly competitive market. If you are looking to start your very own adult website and make some money on the side, consider the following points to help you benefit in the virtual world and access more traffic than the next competitor in the market.


A lot of the visitor traffic correlates with how the website is designed in the first place. Is the layout of the site simple or complex, the colors and fonts attractive or garish, and not to mention mobile friendly? It is a whole new century to begin with where most of the world use cellular phones to access the internet.

Speed is also of utmost importance. It does not matter if the user is on a computer or a mobile, as long as your website loads faster and delivers what is promised. Chances are that if your website takes a longer while to load, you have already lost that visitor to your competitor.

Consider these basic questions while developing your website- Are you stuck with Java/ Flash for video content or have you updated the site to better formats and standards?

Is the layout simple and easy to use for the average user?

Are the menus looking too cluttered? Consider drop down menus as it is tried and tested and works best.

Are the fonts large enough for the user’s attention? The worst error that a developer can make is to keep the font too small and force the user to zoom or strain his eyes in order to read.

At Adult SEO Maven, we have a team of highly skilled designers specializing in adult website development. You may also like to go through our article on Adult Web Design Trends 2019.

The best approach is to try the website out and look through the average viewers eyes. It would allow you to know how to approach developing the website better. Also try to sample out the website with friends and other webmasters and ask for their views and suggestions to increase the quality of the website. Sometimes they would remark on a particular aspect that you might have overlooked while developing the smartphones.

Also make sure that your website is mobile friendly considering that Google now ranks the internet as mobile friendly as well. Having a website which ranks high on SERP (search engine results pages) is the sure shot way of boosting up traffic on the internet. Visitors after all often click on the first three websites that come to attention immediately after a Google search.

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Have you ever gone to Google and just searched a single word such as “porn” or “adult website”? Obviously not!, are that you always knew what you were looking for and simply allowed that in a few choice words on a Google search.

Knowing what the market demand is of utmost importance especially if you are aware of the content that people are actually searching for, right to the very keywords used in their search. Google is the immediate way of optimizing the potential of harboring your organic traffic if you deliver the appropriate content which tallies to what that visitors are actually looking. Choosing a long tail keyword is always of an added advantage especially if it matches the theme and premise of the content your page is offering. a would only enhance the chances of being the first pick on SERP. Read our article on how to choose the right keywords for more information on this subject.

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The world of adult content has been virtually free for more than a decade now and the values of pay per view and subscription based porn is more or less passé. Ensuring that your websites caters to the market norms of free and downloadable content can bring in a lot of traffic which would benefit in the long run. Good quality content and backlinks are always an added bonus.

Always keep updating the content on the website as it would always promote more and more traffic. Make sure that the content is not only new, but visually alluring and of high quality. Consider the following questions to ask in regards to the content:

What are the latest trends in the market?

Can the content be themed around a specific holiday? Notice how the best websites always theme their content around the festivities and holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day as a marketing strategy.

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Visitors are always looking for something new. Deliver this and chances are that not only will the visitor keep coming back to your website but also recommend the page itself to others through the social applications or as word of mouth advertising.

Also invest in attractive quality thumbnails alongside the appropriate keyword which would tempt the visitor to click the link as well retain their attention for a longer duration.


Consider developing the website to suit the needs of your targeted demography. Consider the following?

What is the sample age group of the audience catering to your content? What is the average income ratio of that audience? smartphones versus PC? Knowing your audience especially considering their choices, preferences, tastes, and fantasies is of utmost importance as it would allow you to long what content to upload in order to hold to a regular traffic. The world of internet and adult content is not only vast but a highly competitive market. More and more pages are developed on a daily basis and there is always a chance to lose out to the competition. Consider hiring a professional if you are seeking professional Adult SEO Services. They have been at this game longer, and have better strategies and marketing tools to boost the ranking on the Google itself. A lot of web developers choose to do it themselves but this practice is however susceptible to the process of trial and error which might jeopardize the website itself in the longer run.

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