I have around 8 clients asking for escort SEO Services each week. Lets find out what are few basic thing to take care when you are doing Search Engine Optimization for Escort Industry.

What is escort SEO?

If you want your website to receive traffic through Google or any other search engine, gaining first page rankings is absolutely vital. This is mainly because most web traffic goes to first page sites.
In fact it is fair to say most people don’t really attempt to look beyond the first page.
As more and more people realize the importance of Search Engine Optimization, it is becoming abundantly clear that without the right approach, increasing traffic to your website can be a tough task.
And when you are doing this task for an escort Web Site, It’s called escort SEO.

How escort Search Engine Optimization is Different From Normal SEO?

SEO for escort web sites is different on some grounds, like most of the sites won’t accept escort web sites for submissions and nobody would like to connect to a escort web site.
Further More you would not find a lots of companies providing SEO Services for escort or escort Web Sites.
Just like any other niche, Keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO for escort web sites.
Keyword Research for escort SEO: As a website owner, you want to research the best keywords that will help rank your website.
The approach you take depends on the audience you are targeting. For escort SEO, you must really think outside the box because there are many keywords that most search engines classify as inappropriate.
In fact, few of the keyword research tool would not show correct volume or zero volume for the highly targeted keywords.
If you want to dominate the escort Industry Search Engine Optimization, You must work hard on your escort Keyword Research first. Here are some tips for performing escort keyword research:
Research Current Traffic Generating escort Keywords Prepare a List of the Best escort Keywords Make Use of the Long Tail Understand Your Niche Read User’s Mind

Image Optimization

According to a study, 45% of referral traffic comes from Google image search. So You have to be very serious about image optimization in this industry. You should put all the efforts to make all of your images indexed and found by search Engines.
You should do keyword research and put different ALT tags for different images on your site.

Loading Speed

Google counts every second when it comes to loading speed of the site. Mostly escort web sites with a huge no of videos tends to load slower, if you can decrease the load time you can stay ahead of the competition.

escort Submissions

Most of the main stream sites dont accept escort web sites. so you should gather a list of directories and sites which accept escort web sites. There are particular escort directories and escort blogs where you can put your link.

Link Exchange

Link exchange can be really fun for this industry.

escort Blog Network

Blog Networks work like crazy for escort web sites.
You can make your own blog network or you can go with any network which accepts escort web sites and it can do the trick for you.
I have put a basic guide to build your own PBN.

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